Rising Photonics Co., Limited

Updated: 10 Jul 2024


Rising Photonics Co., Limited (with Chinese name 日莘光電有限公司) is a company registered with the Hong Kong Companies Registry under Business Registration Number 76786569 and Company Registry Number 3424659. It is a local company, which was registered on 9 Jul 2024. It is/was a private limited company.

Company details

English nameRising Photonics Co., Limited
Chinese name日莘光電有限公司
Company typelocal company
Date of registration9 Jul 2024
Date of deregistration
Public or private companyprivate
Limited bylimited
Country of incorporation
Dormant since
Dormant until
Notes and remarksNone

Company documents (most recent 20)

Certificate of Incorporation
Filed 10 Jul 2024
FNNC1 - Incorporation Form (Company Limited by Shares)
Filed 10 Jul 2024
Articles of Association
Filed 10 Jul 2024

Company names history

Rising Photonics Co., Limited
2024-07-10 –
2024-07-10 –